Photo Collage Maker

PicMonkey's photo collage maker lets you create gorgeous collections of your favorite pics in minutes. Choose from dozens of layouts with adjustable cells and borders. You can even add video to your photo collage, as well as text and graphics. Try the photo collage maker today for free!

How to make a photo collage

Pick a template

Browse or search our huge template library to find a photo collage layout you like. Choose a pre-designed template, or get started with a blank—you're the boss!

Add photos to your design

Replace the photos in the template with your own pics, or choose from millions of professional stock photos or videos in our stock library. Customize your image's size, shape, color, and more with effects and editing tools.

Customize your template

Replace the text in the template with your own words, or add more text. Choose from hundreds of beautiful fonts, and customize the text's color and size, or try effects like curve or outline.

Share your work

When you're finished designing, share your work by downloading to your computer, or exporting directly to social media or email. Your work will always autosave to our cloud storage so you can return to it at any time.

Color changer tool for photos

Super-powered photo effects like Color Changer

PicMonkey is stacked with amazingly impressive photo effects that transform your images in seconds. Our newest tool is the magical Color Changer Effect—make red shirts blue, orange walls green, yellow hair get the idea!

Color changer tool for photos

Photo filters you can customize for unique looks

Get I-spent-hours-on-this, but fast, with our quick-and-easy luxe photo effects. Change camera looks, tweak lighting, and add popular effects with just a few clicks. Our Smart Resize tool makes reformatting for multiple social sizes a snap, so you can spend all your energy making that image great.

hundreds of unique photo filters and effects. you can customize
hundreds of unique photo filters and effects. you can customize

Why use PicMonkey for design and photo editing?

Minimal learning curve

Our easy and intuitive tools allow you to start editing photos and creating spectacular designs immediately, no matter your skill level.

Extensive feature set

Start with a professionally designed template or take advantage of our high-powered tools to make custom images from scratch.

So much for so little

Get everything you need to create fabulous images for one low subscription price, with no one-off purchases or hidden costs.

Instant Background Remover

Erase your photo’s background with a single click. This auto-magical feature is exclusively Pro-only, and well worth it. Perfect for product shots, creating logos, YouTube thumbnails, and more. (Available with Pro subscription)

remove the background from a photo with one click
remove the background from a photo with one click

Create with graphics

We’ve got thousands of awesome graphics in a multitude of styles, shapes, and sizes that you can use to create designs that will get noticed.

1000s of graphics at PicMonkey
1000s of graphics at PicMonkey
See our stock photos

Create with stock photos

We’ve got millions of gorgeous, authentic stock photos taken by some of the best photographers in the world that you can use to create a truly unique image—all included with a subscription.

See our stock photos

Making photo collages with PicMonkey

When you really sit and think about it, making a photo collage is the answer to most questions in life. Or, at the very least, these questions:

  • How can I beautifully lay out many pics in a single image?

  • What should I do with all these photos that I want to share in a single social post?

  • How will I show off all the products I'm selling in this cover banner?

You better believe it’s photo collage time! We’ll walk you through how to make a stunning collage...

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