How to Make Curved Text or Circular Text

You see it all the time: curved text in designs. It’s in logos, social posts, websites, ads, print— everywhere you look. But guess what? PicMonkey is one of the only design platforms out there with a super easy-to-use curved text tool. That means if you want to put your words into circles or arcs and create some serious typography art, you’ve got to check out PicMonkey. In this article, we'll show you how to curve text in PicMonkey and on the PicMonkey mobile app. Then we'll walk through all of the glorious customization options at your disposal, along with some ways to use curved text in your designs.

How to curve text with PicMonkey

Type text, curve text, adjust text — and you're done!

No shade, but other photo editing platforms make curving your text a NIGHTmare. So clunky! Why spend so much time trying to figure things out in Canv—ahem, other photo editing platforms—when you can curve text in a fraction of a second with PicMonkey?

  1. Click the Text tab and click Add text.

  2. Choose your font from the font selection drop-down menu.

  3. Type your text in the text box.

  4. Click Curved text on the left tools menu.

  5. Arc it as much as you want, or make circle text.

How to curve text with PicMonkey mobile

Good news mobile users, curve-ifying your text on PicMonkey mobile is just as easy as it is on desktop. Check it:

  1. Tap the Text option from the bottom toolbar and type your message.

  2. Tap Done.

  3. Tap Curve and use the slider to adjust the curve of your arc.

Customize your text with shadows, outlines, spacing, and more

Now that you know how to make curved text in PicMonkey, look at all of the ways you can customize it to create unique looks and exciting effects. 

  • Add a drop shadow, outline, and/or knockout the center of your text.

  • Use the handles on the sides of the text box to stretch out or scrunch up your arched text or resize the diameter of your circled text.

  • Add spaces between your letters to play with the kerning of your text.

  • Animate your text (a PicMonkey Pro feature) or fill with an image.

  • Use the Erase tool to layer your text and create cool overlapping effects with words and images.

  • Combine two or more arcs curving in different directions to create a wavy look. Experiment with the rotation handle to increase the waviness.

Nab a wavy look with curved text arcs moving in different directions.

10 ways to use curved text in your designs

See more templates like these.

Alright, you've learned that curving text in PicMonkey is crazy easy, and there are a TON of customization options available. But what designs call for this kind of look? Here are ten ways to make the most of text that has a *little* bit of a bend to it.

1. Add to a logo design

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Our logo templates are a perfect match with curved text. Check out the premade logo designs in the template library and choose one to customize to your own needs. To create a logo with text in a circle, where the bottom part of the text isn’t upside down, just use two arcs on top of each other (see above).

2. Use curved text in quote posts

Browse more templates.

Add curvature to your next quote post for an aesthetically pleasing final product. Curve the entire quote, or just bits and pieces.

3. Create a point of emphasis

Customize this template in PicMonkey.

Since curved text provides its own unique look, you can use it as a point of emphasis in your designs. Like what we have here — our focal point in the quote, curved with intent.

4. Make curves with graphics and spacing

Customize this template in PicMonkey.

Here's a clever way to add some twists to your design without even having to use a curved text tool. All we did was use individual text boxes for each letter and then created our own curve, adjusting letter rotations as we went. Give it a shot!

5. Wrap text around an image

Customize this template in PicMonkey.

This is great for social posts; you can create something really interesting by curving text around your superstar image. Let both design elements complement each other.

6. Add curved text over an image

Customize this template in PicMonkey.

Using your image as a background? Then place your text over it. This opens the door for some wildly cool looks. See all that circular-donut visual symbolism going on above?

7. Use it as an accent

Customize this template in PicMonkey.

For a more muted look, use text as an accent piece in your design. Simple, minimalistic, and complementary to the design's star attraction.

8. Bring text to life with animation

Customize this template in PicMonkey.

PicMonkey Pro subscribers have access to PicMonkey's animation wizardry. Choose from 11 different animation effects and unique variations — animated text is a homerun scroll-stopper.

9. Keep it simple

Customize this template in PicMonkey.

Sometimes simple is super. A basic arc to your text might be all you need for a clean and refined look.

10. Or don't...

Customize this template in PicMonkey.

If you prefer absolute curve inception, go for it! Put text inside of text inside of text inside get it. This look is easier to achieve than it seems:

  1. Add text to your canvas in PicMonkey and type your words.

  2. Click Curved text and select "Circular."

  3. Use the text bounding box to make this first circle B-I-G.

  4. Right-click and copy (or use these shortcuts). Then paste onto your canvas. Use your new circle text's bounding box to make it smaller. Repeat this process until you have a hypnotic overload of circle text. AKA: circle-ception.

Make curved text for free with a PicMonkey subscription.

This article was written by PicMonkey Staff, a multicellular organism of hive-minded sub-parts who just wanna get you the ideas and information you crave, so you can make powerful images that level up your business.